Mum's Photo of Me :-)
I am originally from the North West of England, but have been living and working
between The Netherlands and the UK for over 15 years.

The Netherlands has very little in the way of natural wilderness, so I always try to combine my frequent trips home
to see family and friends with getting out in the landscape with my camera.

My interest in photography started in my late teenage years, but my real passion began over 20 years ago
when I purchased my first film camera.
I still love the processes involved with film especially the anticipation of not knowing how my images would turn out.
But more often than not I would be disappointed with the results. So after some deliberation I decided in 2009 to purchase
my first digital camera a Canon 5D MKII.

Since converting to digital my enthusiasm for getting out and capturing the landscape around me has increased, mostly due to the instantaneous results digital offers.
I still believe in applying the same methodology with digital as with film of getting as much of it right in the camera and spending as little time as possible behind a PC.

All of my photography seen here is digital and taken in and around the British Isles and especially on and off the West Coast of Scotland.
I truly believe, Britain and especially Scotland has some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring landscapes of anywhere in the world.

My current equipment list :

Canon 5D MKIII
17-55mm L Lens
24-70mm L Lens
70-200mm L Lens

Lee 3-9 ND Hard and Soft Grads
Lee 10 Stop ND Filter
Lee 4 Stop ND Filter
Hitech 2 Stop Reverse Grad
Heliopan Polarizer
Heliopan Infrared Filter
Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tipod
Manfrotto 510 ball head